Roffelsen Plastics is a Dutch, family-owned company that specialises in plastic extrusion with multiple production sites in Slovakia. It is a company that is always driven by innovation and responding flexibly to market demands. Historically, the factory has been very future-oriented and continuously engaged in product innovation and process optimisation. Roffelsen Plastics produces a wide range of standard products, but they can also turn your idea into a customised product in-house. Cooperation between the customer and the R&D department is specifically concentrated on developing a strong partnership and a superior product. Roffelsen Plastics can provide a wide range of products from stock.


Roffelsen Plastics strives to produce the highest quality. The machines are equipped with the most modern measuring and control technology, which provides a consistently high production speed, while maintaining maximum quality. With the experience and accumulated material knowledge of the employees, they are always the basis of your success.



Roffelsen Plastics has a BUSS granulator. They also have their own recycling department, so they not only produce, they can also reuse materials themselves. The addition of various additives, and optimum mixing results in high-quality plastic.

Furthermore, the high quality of the plastics can be found in the recipe. Using fixed ingredients, each specific composition can be reproduced exactly.

Specific materials for specific purposes or industries are always in stock to ensure fast delivery.

Plastic waste is recycled as much as possible. If desired, the materials will be homogenised in the mixing silo, after which, direct processing on the granulate line is possible. Whether or not it is modified re-granulate, it will get an extra life as a new product, which means Roffelsen Plastics sustainably contributes to a better environment.

Sustainability is not an empty slogan for Roffelsen Plastics, it is a goal that is shared throughout the organisation.



The product development process often starts with an idea or a simple sketch. An idea is quickly taken and turned into a tangible product in the workshop. After each test, the mould is optimised using a CNC machine until the product has the correct shape and properties. For extremely complex moulds, they collaborate with experienced partners in the local market. Flexibility and a short delivery time is thereby guaranteed.

The delivery of basic profiles is approximately six weeks. Complex profiles can take between 8 and 10 weeks. 



Over 15 extrusion lines are specialised in the processing of soft plastics. Roffelsen Plastics is the market leader due to its size. Innovation plays an important role. The machinery is always up to date and equipped with the latest peripheral equipment. Various in-line operations can be carried out, ensuring greater value for the product. These include printing, die cutting, cutting to length or attaching double-sided adhesive strips.

All extrusion lines feature high-quality Zumbach laser measuring equipment. Besides the continuous adjustment of the production equipment, this equipment provides valuable information about the performance of the machinery.




Roffelsen Plastics continuously scans movements in the market. This enables them to respond quickly to changes in the market (Time to Market). Optimal flexibility is achieved by making use of in-house production, inventory management, logistics capabilities and short delivery times.

“Extrusion is not rocket science; but to get the process working perfectly, that’s an art.”